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Art and Culture in Australia


Australia's world of art and culture is all based on the country's indigenous traditions. One of the first art pieces the indigenous people created were mask's for religion purposes. This tribe of men and women had strong attachments to their surrounding environment and believed that the masks would bring them closer to mother nature. The designs created on the masks were made up of different shaped faces with bright colors and unique designs that described their religion and purpose in life. During the indigenous ceremonies the men and women would put the masks on until their rituals were performed. Not only were these beautifully created masks used just for ceremonies, but they were given to family and friends as gifts of appreciation and love.

The main art projects of the Australian culture were not only masks but painting, wood carving and tattooing as well. Down below you will find pictures and a brief description of these specific art creations.

Tattooing: Tattoing of indigenous people in Australia is not performed for pride alone, but for religious purposes as well. One of the most common types of tattooing in Australia is called X-ray tattooing. The X-ray tattoo's are basically pictures of a human or animal with their inner organs or bone structure showing through the tattoo. It serves to signify the strength and beauty of all humans and animals.

Painting: Aboriginal rock painting has been around for over 28,000 years. The oldest example ever found of aboriginal rock painting can be found in the Northern territory of Arhen Land. The painting was created during the evacuation of the Narwala Gabarnmang.

Wood Carving: Some famous wood carving pieces created by the aboriginal's are boomerangs, spears, dishes and shields. The wood carving technique used by the aboriginals was believed to be created in Northern Queens Island in Australia.