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America is lucky to have such a wonder arts and culture sector which is great for historians, art lovers and young chidren learning about the past.


The main sculptures made in North America (pre-colonial and today's society) are canoe decorations, masks, figures and totem poles. Although many of these sculptures are designed with bright, eye-catching colors, some are made with plain black, white and red colors for a more original look. During the actual pre-colonial days, the sculptures were mainly made out of wood, clay and stone. Today, the people of North America use metal, plastic and brass to create even more outstanding sculptures. Sculptures such as figures can be found at historic landmarks, museums and even on the sites of college campus's. Although sculptures were largely popular in the pre-colonial days, in today's society the popularity has grown with contests for sculpture building and business's that sells nothing but hand-made sculptures.


North America is very well-known for their creativity and professional skills with architectural structures. Some infamous architectural designs created by North America's are the wigwam and 3-4 story buildings made out of clay brick. In today's society some of the most famous structures are found in New York (Statue of Liberty), San Fransisco (The Golden Gate Bridge), and in New York City where some of the largest skyscrapers reside. The citizens of North America have proven their strong will to survive and ambition to move forward with their architectural by the rate in which they create new, unique structural blueprints that will help society build stronger, larger and more stable buildings.