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Top 5 Bangladesh Arts Centres

Bangladesh is a great place to visit for a cultural experience.  Here are a few places you may wish to add to your itinery.

Bengal Gallery of Fine Art

The Bengal Gallery of Fine Art is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh inside of a large residential building. This facility offers guests the chance to view the most valued art creations in the country as well as the beautifully created garden just outside of the arts center. Since the opening of the Bengal Gallery of Fine Art, they have exhibited over 300 artist's on their walls and shelves, making them one of the most popular spots in Bangladesh for artist's to exhibit their work.

Saju Art Gallery

Saju Art Gallery is located in Gulshan suburbs and has been the number one hot spot for over three decades for all types of artists including sculpture artists and highly popular photographers from the local area. This gallery is also the venue for the famous Grand Group Art Exhibition where all artist's and art lovers join together and admire new and historic pieces of art.

Drik Gallery

The beautifully styled Drik Gallery is located in downtown Bangladesh and is truly dedicated to the beauty of photographs. Other art pieces that are exhibited at Drik Gallerly are paintings and sculptures. Aside from the gallery's everyday schedule of exhibiting art pieces, they also offer work shops year round for any clients or guests looking to further their knowledge in art and culture in Bangladesh.